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GPS 50...

Hose TypeType GPS — Vapour Recovery Hose (with steel helix)
Product NameType GPS
Part NumberGPS
Short DescriptionVapour Recovery Hose (with steel helix)
DescriptionType GPS is a flexible, lightweight hose for Stage 1B balanced vapour recovery (during the unloading of road tankers into the storage tank).For the assembling, clamp type SPANNLOC or SPANNFIX fittings can be used. If the steel  helix is connected at both ends, GPS is suitable for electronic filling cross-over-prevention systems.Designed for 10 bar working pressure with safety factor of 4. Temperature range -30° up to +90° C. 
LiningNBR, electrically conductive, suitable for all petroleum based products including hydrocarbon vapours, aromatics content up to 50 %. No fuel solubility, low diffusion.
ReinforcementsTwo textile braids, incorporated galvanized steel helix in the conductive layer.
CoverChloroprene (CR) black, el. conductive, abrasion resistant, resistant against weather and ageing.
MarkingContinuous, vulcanized embossing
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SizeDN 50
Product Sheet
Information 8.06
Size (ID)ID 50 mm (2")
Product NameID 50 mm (2")
Part Number50
Last Update: 11.12.2020