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FWS PA 50...

Hose TypeType FWS PA — Composite hose FWS Lining: Polyamide
Product NameType FWS PA
Part NumberFWS PA
Short DescriptionComposite hose FWS Lining: Polyamide
DescriptionMulti-layer thermoplastic hoses (composite hoses) to EN 13765, for suction and pressure operation. Delivery as hose assembly.
PN 14 bar, temperature range - 30° C up to + 100° C (depending on medium).
ApplicationHighly flexible hose for more than 75 % of all industrial chemicals.
Limits regarding medium, concentration, temperature see resistance chart PAL hoses. Electrically conductive connection via lining or cover without metallic contact.
Inner helixAluminium
Intermed. LayerPolypropylene fabrics
CoverPVC coated Polyester fabric, green, resistant against abrasion and weathering
Outer helixSteel, galvanised
MarkingMarking on coupling ferrule: ELAFLEX · DN · Serial Number · MM.YY
Hose Marking:
Marking Sample

ELAFLEX · EN 13765:2018 · TYPE 3 · DN75 · PN14 · -30° C UP TO 100° C · PA · (Q3/19)

SizeDN 50 to DN 100
Product Sheet
Page 181-184
Information 3.14E
Size (ID)ID 50 mm (2")
Product NameID 50 mm (2")
Part Number50
Last Update: 11.12.2020