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Hose TypeType FWS VR — Composite hose FWS Lining: Polypropylene
Product NameType FWS VR
Part NumberFWS VR
Short DescriptionComposite hose FWS Lining: Polypropylene
DescriptionMulti-layer thermoplastic hoses (composite hoses) to EN 13765, for suction and pressure operation. Delivery as hose assembly.
PN 7 bar, temperature range -30° C up to +80° C (depending on medium).
ApplicationVery flexible and easy to bend low-weight hose for vapour balance systems, e. g. during loading and unloading of road tankers, rail tank cars and ships.
Suitable for the transfer of flammable vapours – also in Ex-Zones.
Depending on medium, special versions with other material specifications are available.
Inner helixSteel, galvanised
Intermed. LayerPolypropylene fabrics
CoverPVC coated polyester fabric, yellow, resistant against abrasion and weathering
Outer helixSteel, galvanised
MarkingMarking on coupling ferrule: ELAFLEX · DN · Serial Number · MM.YY
Hose Marking:
Marking Sample

ELAFLEX · EN 13765:2018 · TYPE 1 · DN75 · PN7 · -30° C UP TO 80° C · VR · (Q3/19)

SizeDN 75 to DN 250
Product Sheet
Page 181-184
Information 3.14E
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Last Update: 25.03.2021