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max. reel length = 40 m (131.2 feet)
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HB 100...

Hose TypeType HB — Hose for Hot Asphalt (with steel helix)
Product NameType HB
Part NumberHB
Short DescriptionHose for Hot Asphalt (with steel helix)
DescriptionHot Bitumen hose 'Brown Band', for filling of hot bitumen and heavy fuel oil.
Temperature range -25° C to max. +200° C.
Not suitable for lignite-tar oil and coal-tar oils.
Meets EN 13482.
Hot bitumen is dangerous! The safety hints see overleaf, have to be strictly observed.
HB hoses are designed for a nominal pressure of 10 bar and a burst pressure of min. 40 bar at +20° C. Working pressure of 7 bar is allowed for service with hot products up to +200° C / +392° F.
Pressure test (55 min/15 bar) upon request against surcharge.Conductivity:
To ensure a safe electrical conductivity of the hose assemblies the steel helix has to be securely fixed to the hose tails at both Ends.
LiningSpecial elastomer, seamless
ReinforcementsTwo textile braids with tinned copper strands and embedded steel helix, zinc plated
CoverSpecial elastomer, electrically conductive
MarkingBrown bands every 2,5 mtr. and continous vulcanised embossing
Marking Sample

HB 50 · EN 13482 · ASPHALT - BITUMEN · TYPE 1 SB / B · PN 7 BAR · 200° C · ELAFLEX 1Q-16

SizeDN 50 to DN 100
Product Sheet
Page 135-136
Size (ID)ID 100 mm (4")
Product NameID 100 mm (4")
Part Number100
Last Update: 11.12.2020