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Hose TypeType SD PYROPAL (230) — Hose for Steam
Product NameType SD PYROPAL (230)
Short DescriptionHose for Steam
DescriptionSteam hose with steel braids for wet saturated steam up to 18 bar (+210° C) and hot water up to +120° C. For cold water up to 25 bar. Minimum burst pressure 180 bar (1:10 safety factor).
Not oil resistant.
Meets EN ISO 6134 Type 2A.
Steam is very dangerous! Therefore only safety fittings with collar and bolted clamps, suitable for re-tightening acc. to EN 14423 should be used (see pages 239 and 285).Overheated steam (dry steam) causes a shorter life time of the hose, even below +210° C.
According to ISO 6134 a pressure test has to be done with complete hose assemblies with 90 bar.
LiningEPDM, seamless, smooth, electrically dissipative
ReinforcementsTwo asymmetric zinc plated steel braids
CoverEPDM, perforated, electrically dissipative resistant against abrasion, ozone, heat and ageing
MarkingRed spiral stripe and continuous, vulcanised embossing
Marking Sample

SD 19 · PYROPAL 230 · EN ISO 6134-2A · EPDM · DAMPF · STEAM · 210° C · Ω · PN 18 · ELAFLEX · · 1Q-16

SizeDN 13 to DN 50
Product Sheet
Page 135-136
Page PAL 17-18
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Last Update: 25.03.2021